Vacuum Components:

MDC Vacuum Products:
Valves Roughing Components
Electrical/Optical Feedthroughs
Motion and Manipulation Components
Custom Vacuum Chambers

Insulator Seal:
Electrical and Optical Ceramic to Metal Components
In-vacuum Cables and Connectors
Custom Electrical Connections
Vacuum Feedthrough Assemblies

ALICAT Scientific:
Gas Mass Flow Controllers

  Vacuum Instrumentation:

Ametek Process Instruments:
Dycor Residual Gas Analysis
Dycor Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers
Designed with AMETEK's Proprietary Dycor Electronics

InstruTech, Inc.:
Drop in replacements for
convection and Bayard Alpert gauges measures atmosphere to Ultra High Vacuum using the newest and most economical advances in vacuum measurement technology.

Power Mag Technologies:
DC and RF Sputter Magnetrons
Custom Rotary Feedthroughs
Total System Pump Controllers



Vacuum Deposition & Pumping:
Agilent Technologies:
Complete Line of Turbo Pumps
Mechanical Pumps
Leak Detection
Diffusion Pumps
Ion Pumps
Scroll Pumps

Oxford Instruments:
Cryogenic Water Pumps
Temperature Controllers/Monitors
Full Line of Compressors Complete Factory Service

Kaufman & Robinson:
Your process tool for precision deposition of thin films, remote plasma etching and nanometer-scale modification of surfaces.
Broad Beam Ion and Plasma Sources Include:
Gridless End Hall Sources
Gridded KDC & RFICP Sources
Electron Source Neutralizers

Meivac Sputter Sources:
Substrate Heaters
Throttle Valves

Meivac Electron Beam: Evaporation Sources & Power Supplies



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